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Tuesday Morning – Lots of Earnings

Market Sentiment Watch: Eurozone in focus for meeting tomorrow. More analysts warning of a hard landing for China (that would be between 8 and 9% GDP in their books) despite the PMI reading on Monday which rallied commodities almost across the board. Look for another view of China’s economy in today’s BTU comments in the […]


Monday Morning and All Is Flat

Market Sentiment Watch: All eyes focused even more squarely on Europe and another summit on Wednesday and the markets are growing weary of the all talk and no action of euro zone “leadership” of late. In other words it could be a good week for bears should Germany, France and Co not work out deals to […]


Wrap – Week Ended 10/21/11

Ho hum opening for 3Q earnings, see the weekly earnings wrap (HAL, BAS, NFX, CLB, SLB, NE, MMR) in this coming Monday’s post. Look for the week ahead in energy earnings in the Monday post as well. The ZLT Portfolio is updated, click here. We sold the KOG trading position taken 2 weeks ago at $3.80 […]



Market Sentiment Watch: YoYo market day number whatever. European rumors continue to rule trading action in the broader markets. In energy land earnings season started off well from a numbers standpoint in Service and more mixed on the E&P side. The energy group continues to have a slightly better bid than the general market. Today […]


Thursday Morning – Oil Review, Gas Preview, TPLM, NFX

Market Sentiment Watch: Europe continues to squash further attempts at rallies or start them, it just depends on the day of the week. U.S. data continues to look OK but the market is back in Yo-Yo mode again which is fine with me in the near term as I have some buying to do. In […]

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