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Friday Post – Catalyst List Update Part II Plus The Natural Gas Supply Slide Show

Market Sentiment Watch: Quarter end today, anything goes in this YoYo market but the open is negative on flat Chinese PMI. Please find in today’s post the Catalyst List Update, Part II, as well as the Natural Gas Supply Slide Show. Yesterday saw a record gas storage injection for this week of the year and […]


Thursday – Oil Review and Natural Gas Preview Plus Catalyst List

Market Sentiment Watch: Yo Yo Market. Rumors of Greek temporary solution were replaced by thoughts that China will not steer itself into a soft landing. Today Germany voted to boost the European Stability Fund and so futures are getting a modest boost. Meanwhile, U.S. economic data came in surprisingly strong so we are yo yo’ing […]


Wednesday Morning – Oil Preview Plus IPAA Review Day 2 and Preview Day 3

Market Sentiment Watch: Market rallied on news more countries were getting behind a European Stability Fund and on news that Greece passed a property tax that will be billed on citizens’ electric bills. I’m sure there will be a run on extension cords there next. I’m not significantly adding to positions on the “Greek hope” […]


Tuesday Morning – IPAA Day 1 Review, Day 2 Thoughts

Market Sentiment Watch: Euro Zone Hope Rally – Day 2. In today’s post please find a review of highlights from yesterday’s IPAA presentations along with additional comments as well as a look ahead at today’s presentations. We are beginning to rack up more potential catalysts for the 3Q reporting season and a revised Catalyst List […]


Monday Morning – IPAA Day 1

Market Sentiment Watch: ¬†Odd futures bounce as we saw no resolute action taken by IMF over the weekend. Bulls perhaps thinking that maybe Europe gets it now but without real central leadership and with Germany still balking at an outright Greek bailout I have my doubts on any staying power to deadcat bounce rallies at […]

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