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Wrap – Week Ended 09/23/11

Comments in the Monday post.


Friday – Bakken Players Update

Market Sentiment Watch: Retest or New Lows? Global markets continued to voice their dissatisfaction with the Fed’s latest support plan for the economy (Twist) and worried over Chinese production figures showing slowing and the state of the European economic environment. The Fed’s dire view of the U.S. economy on Wednesday didn’t help much either as […]


Thursday Morning – Oil Review, Natural Gas Preview and More NOG Thoughts

Market Sentiment Watch: Market remains unsettled after Ben Twists. If the Fed wanted to promote financial markets confidence they apparently failed. Sloppy, sloppy open on tap as markets dropped around the globe overnight and financials in Europe got further whacked. I’ll be sitting firmly on my hands today, no reason to be a hero and […]


Wednesday Morning – OIH Comments, NOG

Market Sentiment Watch: Watchful Wednesday. Markets will continue to be tossed about by the changing winds of support for Greece. Essentially the troika (ECB, IMF and —) said good progress in being made in getting Greece to buckle down on Austerity measures which will allow more funds to be released to Greece so that it […]


Tuesday Morning

Market Sentiment Watch: ¬†All eyes on Greece today; all eyes on parsing the FOMC statement tomorrow. Market green this morning after a trading red overnight as headlines see more aid for Greece (even as the country prepares for widespread strikes) and in the U.S., everyone seems to expect not only Twist (sell short term maturity […]

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