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Wednesday Morning Post – Hello China – WIOWIO Part III + An Expanded Natural Gas Slide Show

Market Sentiment Watch: YoYo Market Continues – China Edition. China’s central bank reduced reserve requirements in an effort to boost its own economy … and the crowd goes wild, with WTI shooting over $101 within 10 minutes of the news (both coal and oil should rally on the China news. Europe for its part, decided […]


Tuesday Morning – WIOWIO Part II

Market Sentiment Watch: Less exuberant futures market after yesterday’s rally but still up as traders look to Europe with hope that a meeting in Brussells results in some definitive announcements on debt crisis containment soon. Look for leery trading in front of Friday’s payrolls and unemployment numbers. In energy land things remain in a holidayesqe […]


Monday Morning Bounce – WIOWIO

Market Sentiment Watch: ┬áBlack Friday/Cyber Monday sales data and payrolls should take the reins for market control this week from the ongoing troubles in Europe. Should being the operative word. Black Friday is estimated to have been up 7% over 2010 and an all time record but futures were called up sharply overnight largely on […]


Wrap – Week Ended 11/25/11

Comments will be included in the Monday post. Contest names can be found here along with the 3Q11 Earnings Wrap The updated Catalyst List can be seen here The ZLT stats page can be seen here and last week’s Bakken Player Update piece can be seen here


A Happy Thanksgiving Slideshow

Have a great, safe Thanksgiving! If the tryptophan in the Turkey isn’t enough to put you to sleep, perhaps these charts will help. The Natural Gas Inventory Slide Show . The Oil Inventory Slide Show . .

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