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Friday Wrap – It’s Great To Back But TGIF!

What A Day (Week). It’s great to be back! I had thought to start rebuilding the portfolio as soon as I got back but have spent the week catching up on news and doing a little light, but successful, trading. Look for some macro pieces and more company specific reports in coming weeks now that […]


Thursday Morning – Oil Review & Gas Preview

Oil Report Review:   Crude Stocks Continue To Rise So Of Course Crude Should Rally. Crude stocks rose by 1.6 mm barrels, higher than the expected 1.0 mm barrels. Crude prices, keying off an unexpected draw in gasoline, rallied $1.20 to close just shy of $69. Crude Stocks Now At Nine Year Highs. Hmmm, what were […]


Wednesday – Oil Inventory Day

Newsflash: Citigroup slashes ratings on the refiners. Let’s get to the inventories: Oil Inventory Expectations (from the Dow Jones and Bloomberg Surveys): Crude: Expected UP 1.0 to 1.05 Million Barrels. Often we see large inventory numbers in one week reversed by lower numbers in the next. Last week’s giant 6.9 mm barrel crude build was […]


¡Hola! ¿Como Es Usted Amigos?

Nicky Appreciation Watch! My deepest thanks to Nicky for keeping the site alive in my absence. To that let me add a Happy Belated Birthday as well. To everyone else who kept coming by commenting and answering questions you also have my greatest appreciation. Honduras was incredible! Beautiful people and country. Lots of needs though. […]


Wrap – Week Ended 06/15/07

Energy Sector Continues To Run.  I’ve been calling for firm to higher oil and lower gasoline prices for some time now. I got half of that order. I’ve gone into my reasoning about this gasoline rally being a bit of a speed bump and the whole utilization vs production issue some I’m not going to […]

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