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Honduras (June 16 – 24)

No CNBC, No Internet, No Cellphone. Just jungle and beach.  A little bit about the country from Wiki. and from the State Department. In Thursday’s piece I laid out my prognostications for the coming little bit of time I’ll be away. So far so good re natural gas and OIH. Not to worry just yet […]


Thursday Cliff Notes

Here’s what I think right now and this is my parting shout for the next 10 days or so (I’ll actually be around all day today but tomorrow’s post will be very brief and I got started writing and you know….there you are!): Yesterday’s report on gasoline was a bump in the road and not […]


Wednesday – Hooray Another All Important Inventory Day!!!

The Major Energy Agencies Need To Communicate Better… The International Energy Agency (IEA) and U.S.’ Energy Information Administration (EIA) really to get each other’s phone numbers. Just Monday the IEA raised it’s outlook for global oil demand and the Trading God’s at Alaron were making the rounds of “I told you sos.” in their daily […]


Tuesday Morning – Inventory Report Expectations and a little more…

SFY News Flash. Finally Punting New Zealand. After years of what can best be termed “distracting if not disappointing results” in Kiwi land, SFY is finally giving up. Should be pretty good for the stock and I’d bet some Aussie firm will take the project off Swift’s hands for a decent sum; maybe $200 to […]


Monday Briefing

If you missed last week’s wrap view it here. All kinds of good stuff is in there from the performance of the energy sectors to the resurgent natural gas short position. Cyclone/Hurricane Watch: Coast looks pretty clear. Oil – Rebound Day? Oil is up a smidgeon today as the Iranian OPEC minister says they have […]

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