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Happy New Year!

A few thoughts.

2019 was a bumpy one. A rally into spring was sold with abandon and for little good fundamental reason in the summer and early fall, only to see a sharp rally during the fourth quarter. Not terrible as we closed just under par and better than the XOP but poor in terms of performance relative to oil and the broader markets. We see the gap as an opportunity in a select group of names.

Our upstream holdings are weighted to oil. But they're also now better positioned in a number of ways not currently reflected in their forward valuations even after the end of year pop. They have better balance sheets now than for any period in many years, more ability to generate sustainable free cash than basically ever, and less reliance on flashy IP or new zone discoveries than just about ever as well.

The December group bounce ran contrary to a number of fears/short theories (tax loss selling into year end was a certainty, managers are young and won't buy the names, the names are the new coal as coal was the new cigarettes).  Yet, the names are cleaning up their act (slowing growth, acting with discipline with an eye on return of capital and not just return on capital, publishing meaningful ESG reports) and the average 20+% bounce in December alone is hard to align with those fears.

Meanwhile, demand continues to rise. Non OPEC supply growth is slowing. WTI at $60 is a good price for our names. We expect most of them to plan on $50+/- when budgets are released over the next few weeks. Please see our Oil Macro 2020 piece in last Tuesday's post.  Please look for our Natural Gas Macro 2020 piece in a post next week.

A few more thoughts. We cover a variety of renewables / green energy names. In fact the portfolio is approaching 30% wind, solar, and other green.  Come check out the new coverage.

One last thought. Balance is key. We rarely swing for the fences and we don't get buried in names for the sake of averaging down to get out even. That's not to say we don't make mistakes, hardly, but we do try to learn from them and the current portfolio weightings (see positions page) are a reflection of that learning process. We do add to names, up or down from our initial entry, that are in our view making the right moves. We plan to be a little quicker technically on the draw with some of these in 2020 and may be more patient to add when fundamentals and the shares prices are out of joint. But a majority of our bigger names are sub 1x debt, low to no revolver draw, under spending, fairly oil (with good diffs), not overly pricey in terms of cash flow or reserves, and are looking for ways to send us cash. Smaller positions in the portfolio are on a path to that.

Anyway, our very best to you and yours, thanks for reading and contributing to the site and we hope you have a Happy and Prosperous 2020,



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