Wrap – Week Ended 3/23/18



Energy was a mixed, largely neutral, bag last week as the broad markets retreated sharply under concerns of trade wars.  Oil outperformed on another solid weekly report out of EIA and increased Middle Eastern tensions. 

The Blotter is updated. 

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    tomdavis12 Says:

    For those of us looking for color or explanations as to why energy names have not performed up to crude pricing (near highs). Look at XOM this year. They are down 17% from this year's high.They have increased capex and stopped buybacks (shareholder comfort zone). From 2000 til now there are 40% less shares outstanding. They now have a 4.1% yield. Likely to increase in April by .02 cents/sh. Last time yield was this high was after the Mobil merger in '99 and the stock has been equal to the S&P since that time. 9.2%/yr. If their Board wants to look at short term solutions, looking to add to lower 48 shale plays would make sense imo. Stock has also suffered from CVX kicking their butts in the last 4 years.  

  2. 2
    Baylor Says:

    Z do you still publish the z portfolio returns or am I mossomg

    it?  I use that as comparison for my personal energy portfolio


  3. 3
    zman Says:

    re 2 – yes, they are in the Monday post each week. 

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    haze las vegas pictures Says:

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