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Monday Morning

. . Market Sentiment Watch: Busy on the economic data and earnings fronts. Little in the way of oil macro news this week although we will get growth by State later today (EIA914). In today's post please find The Week That, this week's earnings calendar (busy busy), a link to our updated positions, Permian Player comments from […]


Wrap – Week Ended 4/27/18

. . Flattish week for the group and broad markets.  The ZLT was up 0.4% on the week.  The Blotter is updated.  The Positions page will be updated Sunday evening.  Please see the bottom of Friday's post for a list of owned and unowned names of interest reporting this week.  .


Friday Morning – COG, SWN

. . Market Sentiment Watch: End of Korean War Announced. In other news, energy sentiment continues to pick up. We like April. In today's post please find the natural gas inventory review (another bigger than expected withdrawal in April takes natural gas to an 11 week high; look for the first build of the season next […]


Thursday Morning – More Earnings

. . Market Sentiment Watch: Energy news flow getting busier. In today's post please find the oil inventory review (weak headline numbers, strong internals including all time record oil and distillate exports – see the Oil Inventory Review section below), the natural gas preview (consensus for today's withdrawal continues to grow), comments on a number of names […]


Wednesday Morning

. . Market Sentiment Watch: Volatility returns as the 10 year hits 3%. After two weeks of improving sentiment the group took a breather yesterday on market weakness and a re-expansion of the Mid-Cush spread. In today's post please find the oil inventory preview (consensus looking for across the board inventory declines), the natural gas inventory preview, […]

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