Wrap – Week Ended 08/02/13

We had a really good week last week; hope you did as well. Comments on the Wrap will be included in The Week That Was section of the Monday post. 

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    crysball Says:


     Whether  this  rally  in oil has  legs……….and  retrace   as  summer  driving  season  ends has  a Black Swan that seems  to  restrict  suplly.   If   you examine  the continiug  deteriorration  in  Middle  East  [Iraaq,  Yemen etc.]  & African  [Libya, Tunisia, Nigeria , South Sudan, etc]  supply as these nations  slipe ever more  into  chaos………..one  cannot  help  but  wonder if  the  'RISK' factor  won;t  receive  a larger  share  of  the  pricing equation.

    While  Saudi Arabia,  Kuwait  and the  emirates  are   unaffectd   [pperhaps unifected would be a better  word choice]   by  the  turmiol,   they can't  seem  to  bring  a  stop   to  any  of  the  chaos.    The  Iranians   keep  stirring  the pot,  and  we  continue to  tighten  the sancton   screws   and  cutting  therir   output.

    Would appreciate  your  take  on this  element of the equation.

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    zman Says:

    re 1 – thanks Crysball, just back in from a trip, let me address in the Tuesday post 

  3. 3
    gdr Says:

    Z–re KOG, yes your answer Friday was helpful. 

  4. 4
    zman Says:

    re 3 – great, thanks. 

    Another busy week on tap, 12 names we own and 18 more names we care something about reporting.

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