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Monday Morning Shutdown Fears

Market Sentiment Watch:  Many eyes are on the machinations out of Congress this week and many on payrolls as always with the start of a new month. Not much in the way of growth in payrolls is expected for this reading but if the government does shut down that report will likely be delayed. As usual, […]


Wrap – Week Ended 09/27/13

Busy weekend on the soccer tournament front so comments regarding last week will be included in the Monday post.  If you are new or old to the site and have not signed up for the current M&A contest please see this link and then drop a ticker in the comments section and we'll get you added. […]



Market Sentiment Watch: Market watching D.C. Yawn. In energyland, news flow is fairly quiet with a subdued tone for oil prices as the market starts to pay more attention to a coming build in stocks and a "new, softer, friendlier" branding of Iran.  In today's post please find the natural gas inventory review, Catalyst List update Part […]


Thursday Morning – Oil Review Plus Natural Gas Preview

  Market Sentiment Watch: Market continues to nervously eye the antics in D.C. In energyland, the oft quoted phrase "they will like it … higher" has been in full swing in Bakken Player leadership and secondary names. We expect a pickup in news flow in the E&P space beginning next week. Look for more balancing trades soon with […]


Wednesday Morning – Catalyst List Update Part IV Plus Call With GST

Market Sentiment Watch: Market action indicative of end of quarter dressing combined with fear of D.C. antic (senator's reading Green Eggs and Ham is probably the least harmful thing they can be up to I'm not sure why they get paid to do it). Meanwhile in the land of things that matter, energy continues to […]

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