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Wrap – Week Ended 07/23/10

  Notes this afternoon…


Stress Test Friday

Market Sentiment Watch: What a difference a day made. Today we have global markets that are up but in limbo awaiting the results of European bank stress tests. Busta Cap N Trade Watch: Reid abandons the Climate Bill. You know something is unpopular when you have a super majority and you still can't get your […]


ZEB Turns 4!

This is free Post for September 12, 2010 Thanks for making the last four years an excellent ride! I've been writing my newsletter for four years this month and have been pleased with the quality of interaction and analysis that the subscribers have brought to it. I learn by teaching and the subscribers have taught […]


Wednesday Morning – Oil Preview + ECA

Market Sentiment Watch: Another day, another confusing turn. One thing that is certain is that unlike some quarters in the past, the market is paying attention and not just selling results. This makes sense since the energy sector has been losing ground since the end of April while commodities have been essentially flat on the […]


Tuesday Morning Pause

Market Sentiment Watch: Confused, dazed, directionless, but hyper sensitive with more than a touch of negativity. So just like the last several weeks. Today's hypersensitivity comes from IBM (better EPS but short on the top line), GS (not the usual big beat), comments from China regarding weak exports to Europe, and worry over sharply reversing […]

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