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Wednesday Slide Show – Natural Gas Supply and Demand + The Oil Preview (Advance Issue)

Market Sentiment Watch: As nervous as she gets. Everyone eying the S&P 1040 level which was broken temporarily in late trading yesterday. Fundamentals are already on holiday and technicals are in charge as we approach the last day of the quarter. What Took So Long Watch: State Department says it will start to accept the […]


Troubled Tuesday

Market Sentiment Watch: Boring summer trading.  No, worse than that, nonsensical summer trading as BEXP announced boosted production guidance due to better than expected well results … and fell 2% for it. Was this buy the rumor sell the news? Nope, the stock had been under-performing the market and group for the last couple of […]


Monday Morning

Market Sentiment Watch: Tropical Storm Alex is veering towards Mexico instead of the central Gulf which is not supportive for commodity prices (see comments in the Stuff section for the weekend mailbag for more). We also have a slight moderation in the early summer heat wave which could pressure natural gas this week in spite […]


Wrap – Week Ended 6/25/10 (In Progress)

  Test area – We'll be testing some new features as the weekend progresses, please pardon the construction.


Fin Reg Friday + SSN Annouces A Ripper of a Deal

  Market Sentiment Watch: The "Financial Reform" Bill has seen a compromise that will put the bill on the president’s desk by July 4th. Sounds like banks will be putting derivatives trading arms in subsidiaries … not sure there is much in the way of implication outside the financials but its hard to say other […]

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