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Thursday – Oil Review, Gas Preview Plus TGA, PXD

  Market Sentiment Watch: Summer trading is supposed to be boring but this week has taken the cake. Maybe it’s that people are, as usual this time of year, spent. Or maybe it’s the fact that the Fed has noticed that the economy has turned peakish and is now signaling this after only a couple […]


Wednesday Morning And All Is Jittery

    Market Sentiment Watch: Another lazy summer day. The lack of news is palpable. In energy land , a federal judge in Louisiana reversed the Administration’s deep water drilling moratorium.  Stocks rallied for the three minutes it took for the White House to vow to appeal the decision and sold off promptly from there. […]


Tuesday Pause

   Market Sentiment Watch: Enthusiasm Curbed. What started out as a very strong day yesterday on the promise of a yuan revaluation ended in the red and at the day’s lows as investors began to doubt how far and how fast the Chinese central bank would allow their currency to appreciate.  Moreover, analysts pointed out […]


Yuan Monday

    Market Sentiment Watch: If you missed the wrap take a quick view as it gave a decent look at some interesting developments. Today China is in focus as they have said they will allow the yuan to slowly appreciate. That’s kind of a big deal. According to the People’s Bank of China: "The […]


Wrap – Week Ended 6/18/20

     Wrap Comments: 1) Energy bounced with the market, OIH more than the rest. The out-performance of the Oil Service group makes a lot of sense when you look at the year to date bludgeoning and the trail of evidence coming out of the BP investigations that points towards BP being at blame and […]

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