Wrap – Week Ended 04/11/08


It was another good week around these parts:

Closed Trades Watch: Here's what I punted this week (Subscribers click here to see new additions and holdings performance).

  • SU - Exited the SU $100 April calls (SUDT) for $6.10, up 160% since entry on 3/24.

  • (HK) - Sold the last of the HK $17.50 April Calls (HKDW) for $4.80, up 500%. First batch was sold on 3/27 for $2.75, 244%.

  • (CHK) - Sold the April $47.50 Calls (CHKDS) for $1.70, up 31%.

  • (NBR) - Sold the remaining April NBR $35 Calls (NBRDG) for $0.90, up 55%. First half was sold for $1.25 last week.

  • (SU) - Sold half of the April $110 calls (SUDB) for $1.40, up 65%.
  • (SU) - Sold the second half of the April $110 calls (SUDB) for $0.60, down 29%.

  • (CHK) - Exited the April $45 Calls (CHKDI) for $4.40 up 120% as I clean out the April options on strength.


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