ZEB Discount Subscription Offer

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I've had a flood email saying people did not get this so here's a post.

Zmansenergybrain (ZEB) is going private September 1, 2007. Here's the deal:

Discount Rates (available for reservation through August 10, 2007):
$69 / month
$169 / quarter
$599 / annual

Regular Rates (for persons subscribing after August 10, 2007):
$99 / month
$249 / quarter
$799 / annual

Corporate Rates (for qualifying subscribers allows multiple passwords to be used on multiple IP addresses; 3 seats per subscription):
$149 / month
$369 / quarter
$1,199 / annual

For members or potential members of Philstockworld.com there are additional deals.

Three services can be subscribed to: PSW (access to Phil's main site), Wang's World (technical analysis guru), or Zman's Energy Brain. Any one of the services can be subscribed to for the regular rates outlined above.

For any two services the package deal is:

$149 / month
$399 / quarter
$1,399 / annual

All Access Pass:
$199 / month
$549 / quarter
$1,999 / annual

If you wish to subscribe please do three things:

1) return this email with an indication of which plan and which duration you would like,

2) please head over to the reservation page on the site and fill out the very short form to reserve your spot, and

3) if you don't have a PayPal account set up, head over to their signup area (It's quick, it's safe, and it's the only form of payment we accept. Plus who wants to give their credit card numbers out these days?!).

I have enjoyed conversing with many of you on a daily or weekly basis, and I appreciate your interest in my ramblings. Interest has been higher than I had expected, and I will cut off subscriptions at between 150 and 175 (I haven't decided just yet) which is lower than the recent indications of interest. I would guess some people will balk at the price (discount or otherwise), but this does take a bit of time.  And while I make no guarantees, I try very hard to give everyone my personal attention. The site will again be opened to new members, at the regular price, on or around December 15, which is when I expect to have back up in place to handle some of the site's more mundane but time/energy consuming chores.

New features that I'm assured will be in place (although with web design no time lines are certain) are a live (or 15 minute delayed) chartable generic crack spread and trading alerts, and we're working on a few other items. I'd also point out that Nicky has agreed to continue to grace us with presence!

Anyway, we've got a good community here including commodities traders, oil workers and oil company execs, hedge fund managers and lots of individual investors. That's the most import aspect of the site: the collective knowledge here is astounding. I have an idea who some of you are given your IP and/or email addresses and I'm very impressed (and again flattered that you read my ramblings). I will never tell anyone who anyone is without their express direction. I used to work on the sell-side and understand discretion very well. I also used to lay out concepts and investment strategies to the household names of investment institutions and I find that I like doing it here a lot more than I did back then. Quite simply, you guys are more fun. Also, it's important to me and everyone that this site does not become a private version of a Yahoo message board. Flaming and other unfortunate conduct has not frequently been a problem here, but it will not ever be tolerated. Disagreements are fine and often constructive/educational, but let's keep our comments above board.

To wrap up, thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you. If you opt not to subscribe, there will be free content on the original zmansenergybrain.com site. I'm not sure how much and there will be no comment feature and little data, but I'll occasional put up some big picture stuff.

Best Regards,

P.S. Please remember to reserve your spot on the Reserve My Spot tab. Thanks again.

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  1. 1
    zman Says:

    Oil opened down a quarter, gasoline off another penny.

  2. 2
    zman Says:

    The template on the Reserve My Spot tab is working correctly now.

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