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. . Housekeeping Watch:  Are we using the correct email for you?  If you’re not getting ZBLAST’s or are getting them at the wrong address contact In today’s post please find: the natural gas storage review, comments COG 1Q21, comments on SWN 1Q21, comments on NIO 1Q21, and some other odds and ends. Ecodata Watch: […]


Tuesday Morning – NIO

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. . In today’s post please find: the early read on oil inventories (benign looking report with an expectation of a crude draw and small product builds; note this is another week of easy comps relative to last year due to the rapid decline in demand we were seeing a year ago due to Covid-19), […]


Tuesday Morning – Vestas, GDP, NIO, CXO

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. . Market Sentiment Watch: U.S. / China relations sink a little further as the U.S. retaliates (no specifics) and Trump says a Phase 1 deal with China means very little to him now and that’s he’s not sure if he wants to make a deal with China now. Russia says it has registered its […]


Thursday Morning – NIO, MGY, PLUG

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. . Market Sentiment Watch: Oxford scientists say they could have vaccine that provides decades of defense. This is another Phase I trial (limited number of users), this one claims antibody and T cell generation. We’d add a link but most stories here seem to be one or two paragraphs long. China reported China 2Q20 […]

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