Wrap – Week Ended 10/23/20



Modestly negative week for the ZLT due to renewables space profit taking with the help of some fears that we see as likely unfounded surrounding Chinese solar names.   In the oily upstream (and maybe soon in gas as well) no premium merger mania remains at a fever pitch.

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    zman Says:

    New page at upper left:


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    zman Says:

    Updated table


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    zman Says:

    Coming week added here:


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    zman Says:

    Cenovus buys Husky in all stock deal, Canadians take a page from U.S. playbook.

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    Kevin Klare Says:

    hey ZMAN

    How do you think about nat gas storage levels through the winter? Obviously weather is tough to predict, but I keep hearing that we are in for a ‘warm winter’. Is it possible to quantify ‘how warm’ it would need to be to become bearish from here relative to what people expect? My sense is most expect the market to continue to tighten into the winter but is there a scenario where this is not the case? (other than the rig count quickly ramping back up – which i am not concerned with at this point). thanks

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