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    crysball Says:

    How not to run an oil co……..PEMEX Q4 loss of $18,6 Billion US$

    Pemex Refinery security chief shot dead….drug cartels implicated.

    AMLO reportedly blesses NAFTA deal after resolving oil  investor issues

    all above from Upstream

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    brodway Says:


    as per your Friday post

    the US economy is bigger/stronger than any one person

    GDP has been ramping…..interest rates as still historically low….inflation is tamed….new tax implications for corporations have not gone away and are favoring new investment…..that is just not going to go away

    in this day and age of instant news dissemination..especially when one gets finger happy with tweets, keeping the eye on the ball is a skill we need to learn…..its just not how it used to be…

    i remember only a decade ago when people used to speculate what was inside Greenspan's bag….how secretive and hush hush things were…that is just not the same anymore,….we are living on the other spectrum of news flow….but the economics have just not changed much…

    to put it in perspective, China trade represents only a minor % of US GDP…..the reverse is not true however. China needs US market to dump their goods in a much bigger way. Also let's examine the rise in US manufacturing should China exports rise in price by 25%. 

    don't want to go into rant, but to sum it up, there's more to it than distracting noise when evaluating the impact of the current administration's view on trade policy

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    brodway Says:

    just wanted to add something that i was thinking about the other day…something that takes me back to Economics class almost 30 years ago… 🙂

    China needs to be careful with their response to US demands for fair trade….one thing i learned about human behavior is that we tend to buy a lot of cheap things whether we need them or not. Once things don't become cheap anymore, we inadvertently stop buying those things as the cost/pleasure indicator subconsciously drops….

    There are many gadgets that come across our shores from China. We may just not need them after all.

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