Wrap – Week Ended 11/3/17



The ZLT was up 5.7% last week and is down 15.1% on the year. We remain 20% in cash. 


The Blotter is updated.

The ZLT positions and performance pages is updated.


Questions and comments under The Wrap will be addressed in the Monday post.


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3 Responses to “Wrap – Week Ended 11/3/17”

  1. 1
    james T Says:

    Wondering if that NAT Gas short position  is a contrarian indicator at this point.  We got a small number coming next week.


     I am able to see the traffic in GOM starting yesterday. LULU which arrived several weeks back is the only VLCC that I see that is full. Two more are scheduled for LOOP for the current week.

    On the other hand, I saw two VLCCs that left GOM with US crude last week. One for China and one for Korea. There are several empty VLCC's waiting to be loaded with US crude.

    Refinery run rates will increase this week and back up to full next week from the IIR data. 

    Crude draw will continue at record pace. 

  2. 2
    Baylor Says:

    Question is for how long and to what magnitude it continues



  3. 3
    Baylor Says:

    Re 1 – we have a decent shot at finishing under or right at 3,800

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