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. . Market Sentiment Watch: In energyland, we are almost half way through the 3Q15 reporting season.  Reporting season to date, surprises have been minimal. Leveraged names are talking cash flow neutrality, asset sales, and debt swaps with stronger names talking cash flow neutrality and a more measured pace of growth. As expected. Commodity price realizations are […]


Thursday Morning – Oil Review, Natural Gas Preview, and Mini Earnings Swarm

. . Market Sentiment Watch: Busy day in 3Q15 energy earnings land.  In today's post please find the natural gas inventory preview, and the oil inventory review (better than expected inventory moves on high demand (both gasoline and distillates) with crude stocks coming in in line (instead of reporting a monster build as with the prior two reports) by […]


Wednesday Morning – Catalyst List Update Part IV

. . Market Sentiment Watch: All market eyes on the Fed. In energyland all eyes will be on the EIA inventory report after API's more benign-than-recent-reports report last night.  In today's post please find Catalyst List Update Part IV, comments on a few unowned but names of interest on the site, and some other odds and ends.  Ecodata Watch: […]


Tuesday Morning

. . Market Sentiment Watch: Deal in principle to raise the debt ceiling reached and all eyes are now focused on the Fed's meeting today and tomorrow. In energy land we continue to patiently sit on our hands with regard to capital additions as natural gas fails lower on short term issues and oil tests below recent […]


Monday Morning

. . Market Sentiment Watch: Busier week on the economic data after last week's lull. We remain skeptical of the rapid move higher in the broad market during October and we continue to sit on our hands as to timing of capital additions for the ZLT.   In energyland, a $1.3 B buy in the Permian by […]

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