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Wednesday Morning

. . Market Sentiment Watch: Debt fears in energy land are running high as we reach the end of the quarter and the official start of redetermination season. So far, the names we have seen report on the status of their redeterminations have not been banished by their bankers but it's early and we'll keep watching. The […]


Tuesday Morning – SN

. . Market Sentiment Watch: Nervous market conditions remain in effect remain in effect for the broad equity and commodity markets. We continue to read and do some math and wait for adds. In today's post please find some quick comments on SN and BBG (another reaffirmed borrowing base despite all the fears in the […]


Monday Morning

. . Market Sentiment Watch: Busy week on the economic data front culminating in the non farm payrolls and unemployment data which will be again watched with undue scrutiny due to the Fed's recent inaction. In energyland, another round of conferences kicks off this week and we should start to see a bit more news flow as […]


Wrap – Week Ended 9/25/15

. . Apologies for the late Wrap posting, busy weekend. Comments will be addressed in the Monday post.  Click the link directly below this to … 



. .   Market Sentiment Watch: Futures warm to Yellen's talk of rate hike likely being appropriate by year end. Meanwhile, the energy groups continue to saw about with the broad market in fairly tractionless fashion. News remains minimal which is normal this time of year but should begin to pick up next two weeks as […]

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