Wrap – Week Ended 5/8/15



Happy Mother's Day. 

All questions and comments under the wrap will be addressed in the Monday post. 


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    james T Says:

    Zman- Net Position change jumps out for me.    Einhorn take-down last week,    Saudi proposal of cease-fire, Options expirations next friday as well.  , Volatility ahead.  


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    tomdavis12 Says:

    Z  WLL. Was looking at CC and a few sellside reports. Would you consider WLL in the negative sentiment stage? It seems that a few metrics like EV/EBITDA both '15 & '16 and net debt to EBITDA put them as cheaper than many of their peers. Since the secondary the short position has gradually increased. Takeout not happening has kept investors away. Jim V has indicated a $1B sale of noncore this year. Their completion techniques seem to be moving the type curves higher. Anything with this picture you feel differently about? Thanks.

    Does any Bakken have an advantage now with their completion techniques or because they all share with one another, any advantage is generally very short lived?

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    sc4 Says:

    Z. oas seemed to be saying that their average drilling cost was  about 10.6 mill versus wll of 6.6/ Both are in the Bakken. Is the rock that different or why would their be such a big cost gap. Both seemed to be getting pricing down but on the surface it would seem that wll has done a better job. That said, maybe  0AS gets higher yields that make the added investment worth while. Am I missing something. Understand that oas has a group of wells which are cheaper.  But hard to sort through. Value your inputs. tia

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    zman Says:

    ROSE goes to NBL, details in today's post. 

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