Wrap – Week Ended 11/7/14



Questions under the wrap will be addressed in the Monday post. 

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    sc4 Says:

    Z- 155 in yesterday's post raises an interesting question which I look forward toward your replies.Have been looking at the mid sized players which have had the largest declines in my holdings, however, this pushes one to add more of what may end up as weaker firms. In fact it may be wiser to take some with lesser declines . Firms like EOX have had very large declines( and you have bought  it twice) but it remains unclear how quickly they can come back. For fresh money an argument could be made that firms like oas and pe  cold snap back more quickly. Baskets are important but only to a degree. Interested in your thoughts. TIA  SC4

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    zman Says:

    re 1 – bigger drops in prices not necessarily indicate of weaker or strong firms.  How quickly they come back is not really my concern. I don't think that way. We've added to those other two names recently as well, including OAS at the bottom on 3Q14 earnings release, please see the blotter.  Please feel free to redirect under the Monday post. 

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    sc4 Says:

    2- redirect? sorry don't follow. can reprint the post but I'm confirming interest in 155. I'm also stating that some of your  picks will probably recover more quickly than others. Put differently, within your universe which are the firms whose recovery you view as most problematical?

    Would be interested in your views on this point regarding EOX.


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    Baylor Says:

    Thoughts on affect of keystone pipeline being approved of oil prices and share price of our firms held dear?

  5. 5
    501xx Says:

    1 – Z: when you do have time to address yesterday's 155, please also add the criterion of 2015 hedging strength in place. And I promise not to add any further criteria ;-). Thank you again.

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