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Wrap – Week Ended 8/29/14

Solid week to close out summer.  Year to date the portfolios are doing well (we've added time-weighted 5 year annualized data for the three oldest portfolios in the table below: ZLT A up 22% YTD and 39.1% annualized 5 year average, ZLT B up 22% YTD and 40.8% annualized 5 year average, and ZLT D up […]


T.G.I. Long Weekend

. .   Market Sentiment Watch: Market likely to be boring as traders and managers hit the beach early.  Next week look for increased volatility as managers start to think about the end of 3Q and then the end of year.  In energy land, we get another round of conferences and then we will start to […]


Thursday Morning – Catalyst Watch III

. . Market Sentiment Watch: Ukraine on everyone's mind.  Look for a step up in volatility next week.  See Housekeeping Watch near the end of today's post.   In today's post please find the oil inventory review, the natural gas inventory preview, another section of the near term Catalyst List update and some other odds and ends. […]


Wednesday Morning – Catalyst List Update Part II

. . Market Sentiment Watch: Should be another quiet day with no economic data release and traders' minds increasingly focused on the long weekend. Energyland continues to see modest amounts of traction following the mini-swoon we saw that happened to coincide with the 2Q14 reporting season.  In today's post please find the oil and natural […]


Tuesday – Catalyst Update Part 1

. . Market Sentiment Watch: Big day on the economic data front. Energy land continues to see sideways trading action (yesterday to the upside) as the summer winds down. We do note that several names we consider to be leadership names within the ZLT (both based on positioning within their respective plays and based on our […]

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