Wrap – Week Ended 03/07/14

Nice week. Wrap comments will be included in the week that was section of the Monday post.

Holdings Watch:


JONE – We sold our JONE common position in the medium term portfolio for $15.51, up 5%.  We did better here with calls selling them prior to their news that they have taken the aproach of moving back to their old frac design, and after the common has settled down in the wake of that news which brought with it lower than expected guidance we have opted to sell the ZMT position and not mature the name into the ZLT (which was the idea in the first place … so we came, we watched, and now we're deciding to pass).


PVA – Sold 2 long held positions in PVA for average $15.29, up an average 157% and 205% respectively.   The name remains a top 10 postion in the ZLT but we wanted to re-balance some our weightings following the 4Q13 reporting season. 

The Blotter is updated

We put out a short piece for SA here regarding SWN's new move

And the market seems to be liking the lower risk stance HK has adopted for 2014 as described here

If you cannot view all of the table below please click on it to bring it up in its own window or adjust your browser zoom settings. 

wrap 030714

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    zman Says:

    Happy International Woman's Day

    I'll be out and about this weekend so if you have questions they will be addressed in the Stuff section of the Monday post. 

    Have a great rest of your weekend. 

  2. 2
    RMD Says:

    I quizzed BCEI about the Carlile shale. It is a very tight shale vs. the high quality Codell sandstone so they call the Codell a highway and the Carlile a street. Did not think it was a free standing resource target.

     Drilled 2 wells where ~ half the  lateral was in the Carlile and production was as good as an all-Codell well, so they concluded it was a feeder for the Codell.  Carlile is ~ 20 ft. thick.

    N. Park Basin wells are a science project this year because of lack of gas infrastructure.  They expect a high oil cut and lots of liquids in the gas so the area will need a ~60 mi. pipeline to WY. for processing.

    BCEI originally leased the DJ acreage targeting the gassy D & J sands and the Greenhorn to drill vertically;  no thought about hz then, and he did not know of any hz tests of the D, J or Greenhorn.  (SYRG's test is a vertical which should have spud by now.)

  3. 3
    zman Says:

    Thanks for the color RMD.  I took the presence of th Carlile as just something that would help extend the Codell's viability in places to the east where it thinned to much to work and not as a potential standalone play.  Right?

  4. 4
    Zorgnak Says:

    Oil Producer Index





  5. 5
    Zorgnak Says:

    Nat Gas Producer Index



    Weekly   Demand volume looks as though it's trying to firm up  as price continues to compress just below an imprortant long term level of interest.


  6. 6
    nrgyman Says:

    The coal industry is using the cold winter and shortage of regional natgas pipeline capacity to fight against environmental regulations that would decomission inefficient coal plants over the next 6 years:







  7. 7
    RMD Says:

    3 i guess it is 'don't know' at this point, but BCEI is not counting on it except as a way to get to -hopefully – more Codell.

  8. 8
    nrgyman Says:

    Working around the crude oil export ban:



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