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Tuesday Morning – Lots More Earnings

  Market Sentiment Watch:  Market waiting on data and  Fed pronouncements (to QE or not to QE … I think not) over the next two day followed by another set of payrolls numbers on Friday. Stocks have a better tone to them but this is all noise in the face of what could be one […]


Monday Morning And All Is Calm

  Market Sentiment Watch: Market tone improving based on the promises of politicians / central bankers and this week all eyes are on the Fed statement Wednesday with the markets hoping for a return of Helicopter Ben. Doubtful he acts. Although we have the always increased amount of trepidation at the end of the week […]


The Wrap – Week Ended 7/27/12

Wrap comments will included in the Monday post.  CRR had a bad week and we don't really mind saying we told ya so 8 months ago and the WHX to WHZ swap has begun  Original post Recent followup "The Week That Was" Comments will be in the Monday post along with the coming week's energy […]


Friday Morning – Natural Gas Review Plus A Look At Next Week’s Business

  Market Sentiment Watch: A bit stronger than expected GDP in focus and its potential for putting less pressure on the Fed to take more action (market may see stronger numbers as not as good as an in line number as it still longs for fresh QE). Personally, I'd rather forget about QE and get […]


Thursday Morning – Oil Inventory Review Plus Natural Gas Inventory Preview Plus Earnings Season Thoughts and Lots More 2Q12 Reports

  Market Sentiment Watch: Market back to trading on stimulus hopes and promises from Draghi to save the euro at all costs. Hmmm. U.S. economic data today was a mix bag (jobless claims down was nice to see but checking under the hood of durably goods reveals the headline numbers was all transports related). We […]

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