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Wednesday Morning – Oil Preview Plus More Earnings

  Market Sentiment Watch:  Europe continues to dominate financial headlines. Overnight preliminary UK GDP came in lower than expected and while there may be some noise in the quarter and the employment, business sentiment, and PMI figures point to advances or at least an L-shaped pattern to growth there, the headline rate of -0.7% spells […]


Tuesday Morning – More Earnings Plus A Few Odds and Ends

  Market Sentiment Watch:  China's Flash PMI hit a 5 month high overnight at 49.5; this after hitting a 7 month low in June at 48.1. Market eyes largely ignored that news in favor of more Spain and Greek worries with a nod towards Friday's U.S. GDP figures. Yesterday's purchase of NXY by CNOOC was […]


Merger Monday Morning

  Market Sentiment Watch: Ugly open on tap. Remember Greece? Like a teenager with an astronomical credit card bill and only a summer job renting Vespas, Greece is back in the spotlight again after not making enough budget cuts to forestall being cut off by dad, or in this case, the IMF. And with literally no […]


Wrap – Week Ended 07/20/12

Most of the wrap comments will be incorporated into the Monday post along with the coming week's earnings table and "The Week that Was" summary but we thought we'd throw out yesterday's storage graphs and brief comments as we love it when a plan (in this case, the flatter slope of the injection line) really […]



  Market Sentiment Watch: Should be a slow day due to option expiry. In energy land we get reports on the state of the Oil Service environment from industry giants BHI and SLB (both better than expected) with HAL reporting next week. In today's post please find comments on those releases along with a quick Bakken […]

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