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Welcome Back Tuesday

Market Sentiment Watch:  Short week ahead filled with talking head 2012 forecasts and little news flow out of the companies. As usual I’ll add my thoughts to the prognostication pile by the end of the week. Ecodata flow is on the modest side with one last look at consumer confidence and jobless claims. In energy […]


Wrap – Week Ended 12/23/11

Comments on the wrap table will be incorporated into the Tuesday post. In the week ahead look for a final installment for 2011 of the natural gas slide show, a more detailed look at RAM, a list of the beat down, tax loss oversold E&P and Service names with “deserving” and “undeserving” column headers an […]


Merry Christmas 2011

Interns 1 and 2 wish you and yours a safe and Very Merry Christmas! See you Tuesday.


Friday Post – Natural Gas Inventory Review + RAM

Market Sentiment Watch: Market on cruise control today after House does 180 and agrees to pass a two month extension to the payroll tax cut extension.  In today’s post please find a brief break down of my updated thoughts on RAM, where Floyd Wilson has seen fit to land his Halcon (Hawk) company as well […]


Test from iPad post

In today’s post please find the review of the natural gas inventory numbers as well as a short note on ram energy and the new Floyd Wilson investment

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