Wrap – Week Ended 06/17/11

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    zman Says:


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    zman Says:

    Barron's – ROSE could double. 

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    choices Says:

    BP's energy presentation-slide #5 reflects some serious imbalances between regional production and regional consumption.
    Goldman's predictions-too bad these guys are just one step above used car salesmen

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    zman Says:

    Choices – it's hard to see in that slide but Mid East consumption is growing rapidly as well. I should dig up one of the per capita consumption charts, everybody wants to burn as much gas as the US and no one is even close yet. Good luck getting there. 

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    elijahwc Says:

    Yield Hog Alert: ATPGP

    FWIIW I just added ATPG’s new issue Perpetual Convertible Preferred Series B at an average price of $92

    Detes: It’s a 100 par value issue that pays an $8 divi so its an 8.7% current yield. Divi is cummulative. And for you corporate types, you will get the added benefit of the 15% tax rate. Conversion ratio of 4.5045 = 22.20 conversion price on the commmon. It’s pretty well call protected unless something wonder happens to the common (which will make you smile too).

    I’m pretty well at peace with ATPG making it now days with new Middle East / North Africa work and a grad…..u…al easing of conditions for Titan in the GOM.

    Just want to get paid for the wait

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    elijahwc Says:

    Cusip on ATPGP is 00208j801

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