Wrap – Week Ended 8/21/09

Housekeeping Watch #1:  Goodbye $10KP; Hello $10KP II and ZLT.  The $10KP went out at $21.5K (after a $4K infusion midway through its life).  The S&P was up 18.6% during this same time frame (October 15, 2008 through August 21, 2009). With this expiration I have decided to close the $10KP and start with another $10,000 options portfolio. All trades going forward will be headlined either $10KP II or ZLT (Z's Long Term portfolio which is all stocks at present). 

  • The $10KP II will continue to focus on options trades. I have kept the five sets of September calls from the old $10KP in the portfolio and with a starting value of $10,000, the $10KP II is 37% Cash. You will see some re-balancing of positions to get these into line with the smaller portfolio size in the coming week. 
  • The ZLT contains the two stock positions from the old $10KP as well as holdings from my other personal accounts. The stock holdings here, in the past, have not been altered frequently.  I don't plan to track aggregate dollars on this one, just the gain / loss on the stock positions. This portfolio will also take the occasional long call, covered call and covering put position on held names.
    • A newly added ZLT tab containing positions, along with gains and losses on each can be seen at upper left on the site and here (subscribers only).
  • So why the change? Two reasons:
    • First, because I've had a number of requests to cast a brighter light on my longer term trading/holdings and given the mixed breed nature of the old $10KP (options and some stocks) it seemed like a good idea.
    • Second, because I've found that it's good idea to clean off the desk, clean up the market watch, and clean out file cabinets more than just once every Spring. As we approach the two most perilous market months of the year it "felt" like it was time for such a portfolio cleansing and refocus.

This Housekeeping Watch will be repeated in the Monday post.

Housekeeping Watch #2: Now we’re on Twitter. Click the link at right to find out how to "follow" via Tweets or if you are already signed up, search for "Zmansenrgybrain" to add us.  I plan to publish trade notifications with no details other than "Hey, did a ZTRADE, see site for details and/or check your email for a ZBLAST". I'll also let you know when the weekday posts and wrap are posted. I plan to keep them simple as I’m just too chatty to get it said in 140 characters anyway. It has been pointed out to me that this could be handy for those of you using phones and Twitter in combination. I would remind folks that the standard terms and conditions apply regarding "what happens at Zman’s Energy Brain, stays at Zman’s Energy Brain" so no ReTweeting please. 

Housekeeping Watch #3: Price Increase For Google Checkout Monthly Subscribers. Price increases from $79 to $99 effective immediately. Google has increased their transaction fees and the process of dealing with the Google monthlies is just more hassle than its worth. This does not affect any other subscriber class. If you are currently paying on a monthly basis via Google Checkout at the $79 rate you can still get this rate, for a limited time, by switching to a PayPal subscription or by requesting a  Google Invoice. For instructions on how to proceed with either of these options contact zmanadmin@gmail.com.

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Wrap comments will be in the Monday post.


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