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Warren Wednesday + EIA Preview

Will they or won’t they? That’s the question on all trader’s minds today and until they, being Congress, act on the bailout. Warren Buffet decided he didn’t need to wait any longer in taking a piece of Goldman and this will provide some holiday-like boost to the markets early in the session but as Ben […]


Tuesday Morning – Chesapeake Takes Action, Congress Doesn’t

Chesapeake acted last night to adjust its future plans to the realities of current gas prices (see below). Congress continues to wrangle over the bailout (not reacting to current financial market realities). In a nutshell I expect CHK to react favorably to the less aggressive posture they are taking and the market to react negatively […]


CHK Takes The Pedal Off The Metal

  Chesapeake Responds To Low Natural Gas Prices Capital Budget Coming Down… Between now and year end 2010, CHK see’s cutting its previously announced capital budget by $3 billion. This is simply a response to lower gas prices. In Septembers past, CHK has curtailed uneconomic production and they are doing that as well but rarely […]


Monday Morning And The Fed’s Hits Keep Coming

  Well what now? Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley became bank holding companies over the weekend joining the vaunted ranks of (C), (JPM), and (BAC) meaning they will have access to the Fed window be able to further dot the landscape with commercial banks. Meanwhile, the rescue package now looks to be topping $700 billion […]


Fed Up Friday

Green day in the offing: Resolution Trust style fix is in the works to buy mortgage backed securities and de-leverage the financial institutions.  Treasury to guarantee money market funds, This is essentially designed to forestall a "run on the bank" that we saw the beginnings of yesterday after one fund "broke the buck" earlier this […]

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