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Wrap – Week Ended 08/29/08 – In Progress

I’ll be adding bits and pieces as the long weekend progresses.   Holdings Watch: Closed positions for the week. We took on some new refiner positions and a service name during the week as well. The Holdings Wiki tab has been updated. Sold the FRO $50 Puts, down 63% and will likely re-position soon Sold […]


T.G.I.F.B.4.a.L.W.E. + Hurricane Putin + Haynesville Thoughts + CRR

  Tropics Watch: Three Areas of Interest? I put this first today because, let’s face it, this is pretty much all people care about today. I included some thoughts on gas storage, prices, winners and losers for the long term due to the burgeoning shales plays which I hope you glance at before staring at […]


Thursday – Gas Preview & Oil Review Plus Gustav Wobbles, Begins To Restrengthen

Sentiment Watch: No real change from cautiously optimistic stance. All the green on the screen is storm related and unless Gustav turns into a real beast that green will be fleeting. Overnight Gustav weakened and then restrengthened and the repricing of crude, even at 3 am New York, was nearly instantaneous so I don’t have […]


Watchful Wednesday

Sentiment Watch: The Street is bored, half MIA, awaiting the long weekend and not taking chances. In the line of not taking chances, note that the best performers in yesterday’s sea of green were the highest short interest names on the list, (GDP) and (GMXR). A few words about trading around hurricane driven markets: 1) […]


Gustav Vs Euro Smackdown Tuesday

Sentiment Watch: Bored but eying Hurricane Gustave which looks like the first serious threat of the season to the Gulf of Mexico. Trading volumes are typical for the last week of August and in many cases less half of norms and companies are likely to save any real news they have for a bigger audience […]

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