Thursday Night Post – Many Thanks For A Strong Start To ZEB!!!

Just a note to say thanks for the strong start to Zman's Energy Brain. I had planned on sending a sort of State of the ZEB address at the end of the quarter but I'm getting inquiries almost daily as to the health of this project so here goes.

Membership surpassed 100 in October.

Broad Array of Industries and Talents. Our members include CEOs from public companies (member #1 in fact!), traders in a number of commodities from heating oil to electricity, completion engineers, geologist, transportation executives, E&P IR guys, brokers, miners,  corporate real estate executives, at least 1 Yale student who might be the next Fed President, more brokers, several smart Canadian research/portfolio manager types, technical analysts, ranchers, economists ... the list goes on and on and on.

To all of you, thankyou for making ZEB a much stronger place to learn and invest in an atmosphere unlike an "chat board" I've ever been to.

If you have any comments regarding the site so far please email me at zmanalpha@gmail.com.

Thanks and Best Regards,




2 Responses to “Thursday Night Post – Many Thanks For A Strong Start To ZEB!!!”

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    kaman Says:

    Sweet. Proud to be one of your charter subscribers. Wish I had learned about ZEB earlier than September. To the extent you are comfortable with it, would like to know more about your background…perhaps a new tab “About Z”. cheers- Keith

  2. 2
    zman Says:

    K – hey thanks for that!

    I’m getting told that a bit of late re the resume page. Will add at some point. In a nutshell it goes like this:

    more school
    small cap equity research/portfolio management
    more school
    investment bank boutique
    Street research firm A – E&P and natural gas
    Street research firm B – ditto
    no see kid
    …exit Street.
    play with kid
    open ZEB

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