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great trading as always, Z.. even my RIG is back in the black.. you were right all along! My only complaint about Zman’s Energy Brain is that no one told me to join earlier! ~ O.W.

z, sold 5 of my 1.95 BTU calls you blasted on 9/28 for 5.20. Thank you very much. It’ll probably keep going up but I could not pass up almost a triple. ~ jazzkool

Z, just sold 5 of the 10 OII calls that I purchased off a Z blast on Monday for an $1100 gain-not bad for a 2 day hold. Thank you very much. You are the greatest. Would have made more if I had time to watch the stock direction. ~ jazz

Z Bought OIIKO Mon @ $2.65. Sold yesterday @ $ 4.00. Seems to me the current premium is very high. You should listen to your own advise and not be greedy. Thanks very much, could not of done this trade without you ~ Scoop



Here's What I've Sold Since The Site Went Subscription Only

September Was Stellar!... 

september-closed-positions-final.jpgclick to enlarge

...and October Is Turning Out To Be Pretty Good As Well. We had a few scuds that probably would have worked given more time but on balance, not bad so far.




I'd say click here for the current holdings but we can't be giving it all away now can we?! 


What' You Get With Your Subscription:

1) First and Foremost, The ZEB Community. The community around here includes a startlingly knowledgeable crew of investors with expertise ranging from exploration and production to nuclear engineering to all modes of shipping, not to mention an active oil and gas trader or two. Got a question? We've generally got more than a few answers for you. And this is not your father's chat board. If that's what your looking for stop reading and check out the yahoo message boards.

2) Five Daily Columns Per Week… Sent before the market opens these posts detail a wide range of general energy topics as well as company specific issues. Take a look at the monthly archives prior to September 1 to see what we've been up to. 

3) …And A Weekly Wrap. A look back at the numbers and a look ahead at the week to come. Here's a look at a recent weekend wrap. You might look at the refiners (TSO and VLO) and the dry bulk shippers (especially DRYS) after reading the post. As you can see from the October performance we just turned lose of some of the TSO calls for a 333%, 2 week gain.

4) ZEB Blasts. Email notification of my trades for subscribers who want it.

5) Performance. You can see all my winners and losers.

6) In depth Company and Industry Specific Reports. Occasionally I get the urge to write a little more than you might want to read before your third cup of coffee about an individual company (generally a small to medium cap E&P). These seem to come out more often during earnings season but you never know. Click for a recent example.

7) Other Features: Sector specific tabs for E&P, Refining, Coal, Dry Bulk and more. These will go along side our other tabs like the weekly natural gas storage report and outlook as a handy weekly reference source.  

The Discount period ends October 31st!

Click here for rates and sign up procedures.

Got questions? Email us at zmanalpha@gmail.com

Happy Hunting and Best Regards!

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  1. 1
    scoop006 Says:

    Original site working

  2. 2
    drdavis124 Says:

    A must listen TSO CEO onCnBC on now 5:33 Repeats in full 8:00 EDT

  3. 3
    scoop006 Says:

    SU heading south in AH -$6+

  4. 4
    zman Says:

    Alberta takes on lions share of royalty tax boost recommended by panel. Some delays, some change to the oil sand component but it will be burdensome.


  5. 5
    zman Says:

    Oil topping $92 tonight.

  6. 6
    beverly deanglo Says:

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