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Wednesday Morning – And More Earnings

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. . Market Sentiment Watch: China in focus.  In energy land inventories and Iran in focus.  Another busy day in earnings calls for us. In today's post please find comments on another set of upstream reports and reports from two wind names, the oil inventory preview, the natural gas inventory preview (injections set to roll lower […]


Monday Morning

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. . Market Sentiment Watch: Shut down concerns back on market's mind along with China trade war concerns (this morning the White House is suggesting a deal might be closer than hinted at late last week).  In energyland the NOPEC effort will be center stage while earnings for the fourth quarter lull temporarily (until Thursday when […]


Friday Morning – Vestas

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. . Market Sentiment Watch: China, Brexit, Shutdown and inflation in market's eye. In today's post please find the the natural gas review (bigger than expected pull still yields sharp reductions to both deficits; next week look for a smaller draw), our initial piece on wind player Vestas, and some other odds and ends. Next week we […]

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