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. . . Housekeeping Watch:  Are we using the correct email for you?  If you’re not getting ZBLAST’s or are getting them at the wrong address contact Have you bookmarked our backup site?  It’s rare but things do break on the internet. Please bookmark Please see the housekeeping watch at the end of […]


Wednesday Morning – ESTE

. . Market Sentiment Watch:  Summer slow … until it’s not. The request line is open.  In today’s post please find: the oil inventory preview (across the board stock draw downs expected (again)), the natural gas inventory preview (injection consensus fell sharply Monday to present), ESTE requested look, and some other odds and ends. Ecodata Watch: […]


Tuesday Morning – FTCI IPO Preview, RRC, LBRT, ENPH

. . In today’s post please find: the very early read on natural gas inventories, RRC 1Q21 comments, FTC Solar IPO preview, ENPH 1Q21 preview/thoughts, LBRT 1Q21 preview/thoughts, and some other odds and ends. Ecodata Watch: We get Case-Shiller home prices at 9 am EST (no forecast, last read was 11.2%), WE get consumer confidence […]


Thursday Morning

. . Market Sentiment Watch: Market still eying moves in D.C. including anti-trust moves today.   In today’s post please find: the oil inventory review (neutral), the natural gas preview (biggest pull of the season, more to come), EV comments, and some other odds and ends.  Ecodata Watch: We get jobless claims at 8:30 am EST (F […]

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