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. . Housekeeping Watch:  Are we using the correct email for you?  If you’re not getting ZBLAST’s or are getting them at the wrong address contact In today’s post please find: the natural gas review (in line with Z4, a little high to Street, shoulder noise either way; next week look for a smaller […]


Wednesday Morning – SM, BKR

. . Welcome to 1Q23 energy earnings season. BKR kicked things off with a nice beat and positive Service outlook. In today’s post please find: the oil inventory preview (another week of expected across the board inventory draw downs), the natural gas inventory preview, comments and a cheat sheet up for Permian/South Texas smid cap […]


Friday Morning

. . Market Sentiment Watch: In today’s post please find the the natural gas review (in line, looking for a smaller injection next week as the season really starts to wind down; not this week saw another new high for LNG exports), comments on the SM quarter, and some other odds and ends. Ecodata Watch: We […]


Wednesday Morning – SM

. . Market Sentiment Watch: China offering to buy more agricultural products and talks about accepting partial trade deal as their trade representatives prepare to get to work again tomorrow in the U.S.  In today’s post please find the oil inventory preview (API was a widely varied mixed bag), comments on the EIA STEO (forecast […]


Thursday Morning – WPX and more

. . Market Sentiment Watch: Market can focus on the EU and China as Fed becomes more patient and less of a concern.  In today's post please find the natural gas inventory preview (Street looking for a bigger number than we are), the oil inventory preview (API pointed to products dropping, especially gasoline, a trend we […]

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