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Tuesday Morning – Catalyst List Update

. . Market Sentiment Watch: Busiest week of the year continues today with more key GPD impacting data. In today's post please find the oil inventory preview (expect improving gasoline "demand" near term, the early read on natural gas storage for the week (quite week but this too shall pass), the Catalyst Watch Update Part […]


Tuesday Morning

. . Market Sentiment Watch: Most non energy eyes focused on payrolls but this week not so much for what the Fed will do but instead as a key reading on the economy after the tepid GDP figures of last week. We like to see payrolls and car sales continue to churn forward at a […]


Macro Wednesday

. . Market Sentiment Watch: Economic data was mostly better than expected yesterday and the onslaught continues today. The broader markets seem to fear a hike more than they fear weak data. For what it's worth, the OECD warned that stagnant growth would continue without intervention and lowered it's forecast for global GDP by 0.3% to […]


Thursday Morning – AR, SDCJF

. . Market Sentiment Watch:  In energyland expect volatility going into the weekend from the pre Doha meeting rumor mill and from IEA's comments out today where the French prose continues to turn more bullish (recall February monthly – dire warnings of rising surplus, March edition – "light at end of tunnel?", now April "market balance draws near").  In today's post please find […]



. . Market Sentiment Watch: In energyland, we are almost half way through the 3Q15 reporting season.  Reporting season to date, surprises have been minimal. Leveraged names are talking cash flow neutrality, asset sales, and debt swaps with stronger names talking cash flow neutrality and a more measured pace of growth. As expected. Commodity price realizations are […]

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