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Wednesday Morning – RES, PFHC, USWS

. . In today’s post please find: the very early read on natural gas inventories (early consensus is in line with the low end of our range), comments on RES, PFHC is acquiring USWS in an all stock deal, and some other odds and ends. Ecodata Watch: Fed Chair Powell testifies before Senate Banking Committee […]


Wednesday Morning – Earnings Avalanche Day 1

. . Z4 Sentiment Watch:  We’ve been slowly buying the pullback. Our calendar really heats up today and for the next two weeks. Some of our comments may be briefer than usual due to time constraints. If something isn’t clear please let us know. Housekeeping Watch 1: Subscribers We have transitioned to a new contact […]



. . Housekeeping Watch:  Are we using the correct email for you?  If you’re not getting ZBLAST’s or are getting them at the wrong address contact In today’s post please find: the natural gas slide show (bigger than expected pull from storage and large for this week of the year; look for a much […]


Thursday Morning – Oil Inventory Review, Natural Gas Storage Preview, RES, 4Q21 So Far

. . Housekeeping Watch: Are you getting trade notification emails (ZBLASTs) at the correct address?  If not let us know at In today’s post please find: the oil inventory review (positive side of neutral, please see the slide show below), the natural gas preview (+200+ Bcf this week, likely 200+ Bcf next as well), […]


Wednesday Morning – All Eyes on Fed (and Wind and Oil Service)

. . Market Sentiment Watch: Nervous market conditions In today’s post please find: the oil inventory preview (looking for product builds (especially gasoline) to begin to normalize), the natural gas inventory preview (over 200 Bcf withdrawal expected, likely another 200+Bcf pull next week as well), comments on the RES quarter (beat), VWDRY outlook comments, and […]

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