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Thursday Morning – MRD

. . Market Sentiment Watch: Energy eyes the IEA.  "Changes to the data in this month's Report confirm the direction of travel of the oil market towards balance. The net result of our changes to demand and supply data is that we expect to see global oil stocks increase by 1.3 mb/d in 1H16 followed by a dramatic reduction […]


Wednesday Morning – REXX, GPOR

. . Market Sentiment Watch: All eyes on Yellen and the flood of economic data noted below. In energyland oil is refocused on inventories (at least for the next few hours) and the production freeze agreement, now redubbed the Doha Initiative. In today's post please find a wrap and cheat for GPOR, comments on the REXX 4Q15 […]


T.G.I. Long Weekend

. . Market Sentiment Watch: Broad markets remain stung by growth fears and by what appears to be a dogged focus on rate hikes (albeit data dependent). Energy land continues to see selling from oily to gassy to even alternative green energy names. This feels like a wash out in progress and is coinciding with […]


Wednesday Morning – QEP

. . Market Sentiment Watch: Rallies continue to be short lived and sold hard as oil moves to new lows. We said January and February would be trying times for oil bulls and so far that's been the case. We continue to sit on our hands in terms of trading and new capital additions. Energyland […]


Tuesday Morning

. . Market Sentiment Watch: Fed fears back to driving markets.  In energy land, oil eased on thoughts on a stronger dollar even as the dollar failed to rally while EIA noted further acceleration from the Big Five Shale plays is on the way (as previously noted). In today's post please find comments on the […]

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