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Thursday Morning – More Earnings

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  Market Sentiment Watch: Yesterday was the first "baby and bathwater" day for the group in recent memory. Good news, bad news, didn't matter, leader or laggard, if you produce hydrocarbons you got a haircut. This is normal as momentum in the group fades. It's also normal for CNBC to be discovering oil all day […]



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Market Sentiment Watch:  Unexpectedly good day yesterday as recovery rally ensued with expectations high that Bernanke says soothing things next week. We continue to see the taper and tightening as two different things with tightening being quite a ways off and not a bad thing at all, other than from a short term, pullback type […]


Wednesday Morning – Drifting Higher

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  Market Sentiment Watch: Another day without ecodata should mean another day of drifting market. News flow is fairly calm in front of IPAA next week and the beginning of earnings season the following week. We did however see another deal in the Niobrara which could provide support to a certain list of names (see […]

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