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Wednesday Morning – More Conference Notes

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  Market Sentiment Watch: Slow economic data flow and Spain not quite yet ready to ask for help makes the market a dull boy. Also market waiting on ECB on Thursday whiuch again contributes to the dullness / lack of direction. And then there is the presidential debate tonight and payrolls on Friday.  News flow […]


Tuesday Morning Pre Holiday Quiet

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  Market Sentiment Watch: Lots of data coming out on the disappointing side yesterday meets market with Holiday glazed eyes. The group fared not so poorly in the face of a little profit taking in oil and a still scorching forecast bolstered gas prices which early on looked to take profits following Friday's mixed bag […]


Expiry Friday

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  Market Sentiment Watch: YoYo market continues. Normally I'd expect a low volatility, slow day where we try not to fall asleep as equity option expiry nears but with Greek elections on Sunday and comments the central banks will act to stabilize volatility in their wake I think the market rumor machines will be set […]


Wednesday – Oil Inventory Preview Plus IPAA Notes Plus GMXR Thoughts Plus HAL Earnings

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  Market Sentiment Watch: Energy still treading water relative to the broad markets and I'm still largely sitting on my hands although I did a small trade in the ZMT yesterday (see Holdings Watch below).  Energyland is trading on the timid side and IPAA revealed little in the way of new story specific data yesterday at […]


More Jobs Friday ~ Market Breaths Big Sigh of Relief – IPAA Recap

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Market Sentiment Watch: Nonfarm payrolls came in at a whopping 243,000 vs 121,000 expected sending futures sharply in the pre market trading session. In energy land, the all is fairly quiet in the wake of an oddball acquisition by SD of the IPO that would have been DOR that was previewed here last week. There […]

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