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Thursday Morning – AR, SDCJF

. . Market Sentiment Watch:  In energyland expect volatility going into the weekend from the pre Doha meeting rumor mill and from IEA's comments out today where the French prose continues to turn more bullish (recall February monthly – dire warnings of rising surplus, March edition – "light at end of tunnel?", now April "market balance draws near").  In today's post please find […]


Tuesday Morning – Shopping List Update

. . Market Sentiment Watch: From here the week gets a lot busier on the economic data front with tomorrow's Yellen press conference likely the peak of volatility for the week. In energyland all eyes remain on oil and will transition from paying attention to the the positive and negative chatter back to US inventories before today's close. Sources indicate refinery […]


Tuesday Morning

. . Market Sentiment Watch: Low economic impact week.  In energyland all eyes are focused on OPEC and what they will or won't do. Earnings start to trickle out but just trickle (see Calendar in Stuff section below) and a warm forecast will likely have natural gas doing little. We do anticipate further domestic production slippage but […]


Monday Morning

. Market Sentiment Watch: Lighter week from an economic standpoint and from lighter in energyland as 3Q15 earnings season winds to a close. Look for a number of cheat sheet updates, sub group comments and house cleaning trades as we wrap out our quarterly activities.  In today's post please find The Week That Was, the much […]


Wednesday Morning – GPOR

. . Market Sentiment Watch: Greek offers concessions lifting futures. In energyland, the Iran nuke deal deadline was pushed back to July 7, not surprising and 2 days ahead of when we thought. Expect a deal to be signed as time runs out. Do not expect a big surge of Iranian oil to hit global markets […]

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