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Tuesday Morning – Energy Earnings Avalanche Day 1

. Market Sentiment Watch:  NY, NJ, CT prepare to reopen fully in May with the UK set to follow in June. Vaccine application set to broaden to include younger kids. . Housekeeping Watch:  A busy day, with more to come in energy earnings this week. Some of our comments may be more brief than usual. […]


Tuesday Morning – A few more fuel cell name updates

. . Market Sentiment Watch: The presidential transition is moving ahead. Headline from the 3rd vaccine is “200 mm doses this year, 3 billion next”.  Very good news.  But some bad case numbers between now and then end of winter will likely prompt some pauses in what’s been a heady vaccine bounce along the way. […]



  . . Market Sentiment Watch: Election and Covid on market’s mind. Biden pulling ahead in key states. We do not see this a deal killer at all for U.S. upstream. We have been and remain over 60% renewables and we do see a Biden win as largely favorable for the names we own in […]


Wednesday Morning – BLDP, PLUG

. . Market Sentiment Watch: Stimulus hopes receive presidential judo chop. We note that the Fed’s Powell warned against inaction on further stimulus. Market eyes on Trump’s health, tweets. Energy eyes on Delta. Most of the GOM is going to shut in. Gulf Coast refining, LNG, and imports/exports to be impacted. In today’s post please […]


Wednesday Morning – BLDP, VWDRY

. . Market Sentiment Watch: Futures slump on last day of quarter. In today’s post please find: the oil inventory preview, the natural gas inventory preview, notes from the BLDP analyst day and a cheat sheet update, a number of order wins from VWDRY (~ half a GW), and some other odds and ends. Ecodata Watch: […]

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