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Tuesday Morning – BEXP, RRC and More

Market Sentiment Watch: Moody Market. Earnings season kicks off with a bit of a thud. Actually the numbers by both HAL and MMR were good yesterday but fear ruled the day again with Europe back in focus. China will likely be the focus today as shorts point to 9.1% GDP growth instead of 9.2% expected […]


Monday Morning – Welcome To 3Q11 Earnings Season and Merger Mania

Market Sentiment Watch: Ecodata laden week ahead plus the kick of 3Q11 energy earnings season. In energyland today we have HAL and MMR reporting 3Q results with HAL beating and setting a strong early tone for the Service names but the big news of the week will be the STO acquisition of BEXP for $4.4 B […]


Tuesday Morning – Getting Ready For 3Q11

Market Sentiment Watch:  Now that was a bounce, I’d even call it a rally except for the fact that it came on a bank holiday and had bank holiday light volume. I don’t know whre the broad market is headed in the near term. I do know that a lot of shorts who think they […]


Tuesday Morning – All Eyes On Ben

Market Sentiment Watch:  Simply a brutal market. Stop the month there and this would be the worst August in US market history. Period. I sold nothing yesterday and made one small addition on extreme weakness. Today will be volatile and the futures have already swung 400 plus points during the overnight session for the DJIA […]


Tuesday Morning – Waiting For Greece

    Market Sentiment Watch:  Doldrums turned greenish yesterday but its back to Greece watching today.  No one seems to notice New Jersey is in trouble but the market is on pins and needles over another austerity vote in Greece set for tomorrow and until that vote I'm sure we'll get to watch live CNBC shots […]

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