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Tuesday Morning Bounce

  Market Sentiment Watch:  Market needed a breather and got one.  A number of commodities took the opportunity to pull back as well. Looks technical and we've been saying for awhile now that oil is ahead of itself in the $90s. We are noting that the words "fiscal cliff" and "European crisis" are creeping back […]


Tuesday – Earnings Continue To Flow, U.S. Markets Remain Closed

  Market Sentiment Watch: U.S. Markets and federal government closed again today. It's also highly likely we see oil and natural gas storage reports delayed this week. We have a number of companies who reported last night and who plan to hold conference calls today and we will be on those calls. Our thoughts on them […]


Tuesday Morning – Lots More Earnings

  Market Sentiment Watch:  Market waiting on data and  Fed pronouncements (to QE or not to QE … I think not) over the next two day followed by another set of payrolls numbers on Friday. Stocks have a better tone to them but this is all noise in the face of what could be one […]


Tuesday Morning – More Earnings

Market Sentiment Watch: Greek tragedy continues to play out, no resolution yet and little in the way of ecodata today bode from another non nail biter of a day in the broader markets. Bernanke speaks to congress later today and will again beg them to play nice. In today’s post please find for earnings briefs […]


Tuesday Morning – No Debt Deal but A Flood Of Earnings

  Market Sentiment Watch: Watched the President and the Speaker speak and I have to say something will get solved, maybe Wednesday, maybe later on the debt/deficit deal but I'm not going to wast more time on it. I did agree 100% with one thing the President said last night – "this is no way to […]

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