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Wednesday Morning – ENPH

  . Market Sentiment Watch: Quarter end. OPEC+ eve (> 0.5 mm bopd increase expected). Mark-to-market season is at hand. Next two weeks look for oil and gas upstream estimates and target prices to get a lift. See notes in the Commodities Watch section below. In today’s post please find: the oil inventory preview (another […]


Tuesday Morning – NEX, VWDRY

. . Market Sentiment Watch:  Same as yesterday. Expect volatility into quarter end. Expect trepidation and volatility before the OPEC+ meeting on July 1. In today’s post please find: the very early read on natural gas inventories (modestly bigger build expected relative to last week (as expected); next week look for a smaller injection), comments […]


Monday Morning

. . Market Sentiment Watch: Quarter end approaches and we would expect some noise in the markets this week. Energy eyes will be watching pre game commentary out of OPEC+ before the meeting on Thursday. Also, mark-to-market season will unfold over the next two weeks with analysts plugging final 2Q prices for oil, NGLs, and […]


Wrap – Week Ended 06/25/21

. . Another strong week for traditional oil and gas and traditionally tied groups including oil service. The renewable energy groups continue to edges towards a rebound having previously peaked in January and February. The ZLT was up 7% last week as we continue to be a well rounded mix of both.  We got busy […]



. . Market Sentiment Watch: Infrastructure compromise goosed stocks but we note there is still substantial doubt this will turn into a bill that can pass. U.S. working to remove travel ban for EU. U.S. says serious differences remains relative to Iran on renewed JCPOA, offering a bit of support ahead of OPEC+ next week […]

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