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Tuesday Morning – COP, PE, FANG

. . Market Sentiment Watch: Market eyes watching stimulus machinations, and to a lessor extent Covid numbers in the States, Europe. Air traffic data are holding the line instead of retreating seasonally. In today’s post please find: the early read on oil inventories (Street sees more draws; we think they are light on the crude […]


Merger Monday

. . Market Sentiment Watch: Market eyes on the stimulus clock during an economically data light week China 3Q data was light overnight on GDP and stronger on retail sales, Energy market eyes will be looking for more consolidation after COP announced a move on CXO as expected today. In today’s post please find: The […]


Wrap – Week Ended 10/17/20

. . Tread in place week last week (down about 1%) which is fine given the prior week’s 21% pop. We are seeing small signs of traction in the natural gas names, takeover speculation in some of our oily names, and profit taking in chop in fuel cells while solar and wind continue to be […]



. . Market Sentiment Watch: Equity and oil market eyes on Covid news (US (case spikes in a majority of states), Europe (semi locking down in some places), India (big case counts but showing some positive consumption signs)). Market eyes also watching the Fed’s balance sheet. U.S. could use some less mixed, more positive economic […]


Thursday Morning – Dualing inventory reports

. . Market Sentiment Watch: Covid news of the last 24 hour cycle leans more negative in my view (over 2/3rds of U.S. states are seeing spikes in new cases and several are at new case highs, France announced a curfew, and just globally new cases are at high, while a therapeutic trial paused a […]

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