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Wrap – Week Ended 8/16/19

. . The Blotter is updated.  The positions tab will be updated Monday. . Questions and comments under The Wrap will be addressed in the Monday post. .  


Friday Morning – MGY

. . Market Sentiment Watch: More August than usual August; no one cares about anything at the moment, we continue to plan some changes (Holdings Watch) with an eye towards high grading. In today’s post please find the OPEC Monthly summary (they referred to oil fundamentals as bearish for the rest of the year after […]


Thursday Morning – PE, VWDRY

. . Market Sentiment Watch: August. Really really August. In today’s post please find the oil inventory review (neutral report, see review section below), the natural gas preview (still roughly in line with last week’s build, expect a smaller build next week), comments and a post quarter cheat sheet updated for PE, comments on the […]


Wednesday Morning – CXO

. . Market Sentiment Watch: Most eyes on the 10 year. Group still looking for traction with volumes at summer typical low. Oil did find traction on trade hopes yesterday confirming demand (trade thoughts related to China) is in charge now relative to supply (potential disruptions). Names that have found traction are free cash flow […]


Tuesday Morning – FANG

. . Market Sentiment Watch: Group trying to find traction as market watches for China trade clues (same story, different week). In today’s post please find the early read on oil inventories (fairly benign looking set of numbers expected; we expect net imports to reverse course this week or next which should be interesting in […]

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